Hi, there! My name is Katriana, Kat for short, and I’m the founder of the Instagram blog, @kittykathealth.

I started my Instagram originally in September of 2017 because I had gained some weight due to a medication change and fell into the ketogenic diet. I felt absolutely awful about my body, and I wanted to lose weight. As I continued running my Instagram, I realized just how much diet culture had affected my self image, and since then, I’ve thrown out my scale and committed to making my feed a space where everyone could feel welcome.

My blog has since been rebranded as a food blog, with health and wellness peppered in as well. I’ve taken my knowledge about organic Instagram growth and engagement and translated it to multiple accounts, and I work in marketing by day.

Currently, I live in the New York City metropolitan area. I live with my partner, Paolo, and my cat, Belle.